Smell the envelope

Companies/Organizations I'd like to anthrax:

Radio Shack
Pi Kappa Phi
Santa Claus Workshop
ELY Properties
Marcoa Publishing
Jiffy Lube
Utah Jazz



the pants said...

what about proctor & gamble? also worldvision.

Melissa said...

ELY, that's funny.

Ajax said...

Why stop with the Utah Jazz? While not all jazz?

erin said...

whatever dumb ass marketing company decided "i'm lovin' it" was a good slogan for stupid mcdonalds.

Rook said...

I nominate Tow Truck companies, The St. Louis Cardinals, Jeff Hornacek and Detlef Schrempf, Cingular Wireless and Time Warner and UT Parking and Transportation Services.

Tim said...

If I ever got an envelope of antrax, I'd definitely smell it. I'd take a big whiff and I'd end up with antrax all over my nose. I'd walk around and people would think I'm on cocaine. Oh what laughs I'd get!

Conti said...

the pants- i can't nominate p+g because i think this egyptian guy i know works for them and he's a whiner

melissa- ely would get a boat-full of anthrax...they owe me 2 grand

ajax- because occasionally i party in New Orleans and I'm not sure how the city would receive me if i killed their soul

erin- have you seen that mcdonalds commercial where these dudes are walking around at a party to weird white boy rap music about time: "It's 2:32, that dj is better than you!" "It's 3:10, what's up with your friend?" And then it ends with I'M LOVING IT and my erection goes away.

rook- ooooo good ones, Time Warner and UT Parking totally deserve anthrax.

tim- I'd totally LoLz if I saw you do that! I totally hope someone sends you anthrax so it happens!

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