A lot of people ask me why I like gasoline so much. "Hey cool dude," they ask me, "why do you like gasoline so much?" "He He," they say, "I read your blog and I don't understand why you mention gasoline so much." Well here are the reasons:
A. The reason gasoline exists is because dinosaurs died. Dinosaurs were ferocious. They were like unusually mean cows with fangs. It's no wonder such a wonderful liquid was produced when these dino's were killed.

B. Gasoline is hidden. Gasoline is not easy to find. You cannot go out into the forrest and find gasoline like you can water. Water is so shitty. Everywhere you go water is sitting around in some puddle or lake or creek.

C. Gasoline smells nice. Gasoline has an kingly odor. Have you ever breathed in a deep breath at a gasoline station? I hope Heaven smells like gasoline. I wish Willy Wonka would invent a gasoline candy.

D. Gasoline is flammable. It's pretty easy to make a dangerous bomb with some gasoline and a standard lighter. You have to be careful around gasoline like you have to be careful around a lion. Both are very magnificent and respectable.

E. Gasoline is distributed at stations. Wow what a feeling of military! Stations have been important since WW1. Did you notice that there are no Milk Stations? The government is trying to let us know that gasoline is important.

There were the reasons. Thanks for reading my blog.


Ajax said...

I wouldn't want anyone who doesn't "get" gasoline to read my blogg. It's so obviously the greatest thing ever!

All gas haters can burn in a tire fire.

Melissa said...

I always thought I was weird because I liked the scent of gasoline. You're my gasoline soulmate!

Lauren Mc said...

oh, mike. Enjoying your blog! Keep it up.

Conti said...

Like 14 chicks want me because of gasoline. Maybe that should be my F.

Mike said...


Thank you...I'm still waiting for you to create a blog. Get on that, please.

Lauren Mc said...

haha... but like you said, Blogs are for Frogs...I might.

Christine said...

Wow Mike, Thank you! I've gained a new respect for Gasoline.

I was always more of a water person. I see now that I was wrong. You're right, water is shitty. Stupid water, pffft!

Conti said...

I'm glad to see you've turned your back on water and discovered a whole new gasoline paradise ! !

The Prose~cuter said...

You're really on to something with that bit about stations.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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