My Mind

My mind and I had a heated argument this morning.

My Mind and I argue all the time. We truly aren't one. We're working on our communication; but today we had a set back.

I was trying to wake up my mind and start to get going. My mind was clicked off and didn't seem to willing to help me.

I tried 3 or 4 times to wake it up. My Mind was not having it. It knew I wanted it to be with me but it didn't budge. Nothing gave.

Then for no reason at all my mind angerly called me a Mexican Homo.

A Mexican Homo? A Mexican Homo?

I was really shocked at My Mind. I didn't deserve that.

Why did My Mind say that? I'm not Mexican. I'm not a Homo. I'm like the exact opposite of both. That really ran me red. My Mind was really out of line there.

Eventually My Mind woke up and I had to fogive it because, well, its My Mind.

It didn't apologize and I didn't hold a grudge. That's just how it is with us.

My Mind and I have problems.


Leslie said...

make sweet love to me

erin said...

when i tell people i talk to my brain they usually act like i am crazy. maybe you are crazy too.

Ajax said...

I will get in line for that, too, behind Leslie, who I'm just going to assume is a man.

Conti said...

If you want sweet love from me, just put on 'Christopher Cross - Sailing' and tell me that you love me.

Conti said...

Erin - I don't know if I'm crazy or not. I don't know if I care either way either.

Tim said...

dude, your homo mind just tried to touch my ass.

Jeff said...

i am a trained conflict mediator...if you and your mind would like to schedule an appointment with me i can pencil you in for thursday..i charge the standard $150/hr fee...

you mexican homo