Great news!

I got my sexy groove back!

{Insert big fuckin smiley face with googly eyes}

For the last year my sexy groove was in the Bermuda Triangle. It's instruments started acting funny and a crash disappearance was feared. I didn't hear from it for like 17 months. I had to use different sexy grooves that I wasn't comfortable in. Dhingy sexy grooves that led to some interesting flights.

But a few days ago, out of the fog my sexy groove emerged. I heard it before I saw it. "It couldn't be," I said aloud. "It couldn't be." But it was. I cheered and whallooped and whooped!

I forgot what it was like to have a sexy groove. ITS NEAT! ITS A FEAT! IT DOESN'T TASTE LIKE MEAT! ITS COOL! ITS FRESH! WHAT A THING OF REFRESH!

That wasn't a very good poem but I don't care because my sexy groove chuckled anyway. Plus when you have your sexy groove you say things like that and chicks want you anyways.

The Chicks have noticed my sexy groove is back. They wave and smile and shoot FUCK-ME eyes. I can't help but to feel great about it.

Google-glack, ya'll!

My sexy groove isn't going to fly near the Bermuda Triangle again, thats for sure. We are making up for lost time! Wow thats the feeling!


Melissa said...

I so want you now. You're sexy groove thing is so strong it's obvious through a computer screen.

Ajax said...

Remind me to make love to you later, thanks.

Conti said...

Well i'm pretty sure I want you to, baaabe.

Maybe we party.

mikey c said...

That last message applied for both of you.

Melissa said...

Can we get down?

Melissa said...

Wait, that sounded a lot dirtier than I expected it to :(

Conti said...

Don't worry I don't think any less of you.

Jeff said...

Sexy woman call me to her office
Sexy woman meet me after work
I wanna show you how I handle business
I wanna show you how the mail-boy flirts

Conti said...

How's the daily grind Jeff? Any good cocaine binges this weekend?

Jeff said...

the grind is ok...cocaine is reserved for special occasions i.e. the weekend

Christine said...

Mike: I'm proud of you young grasshopper. A sexy groove is a terrible thing to lose. I'm thrilled to bits, too bits, that you've got your groove back on! Go get those sexy bitches!

Jeff: Checked your link and those pic's are too much. Funny shit.

Anonymous said...

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