I went to an all-american 4th of july houston astros baseball game.

It was american and great.

Craig Biggio hit an american home run high over the american fences to make the home team proud.

All true americans stood and yelled and cheered.


While we were walking to the american baseball game i saw a kid named Brandon. Brandon grew up in my neighborhood. colony creek. one street over. near the mailboxes.


I was in 8th grade and went over to his house once.

Brandon told me that he really liked the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He showed me the cd. I glanced at it.

Brandon had a hot sister. He did not show me the sister. But I glanced at it.

Then Brandon gave me a cologne bottle. He said, "Hey, Look at this." So I glanced at it.

"I emptied the cologne bottle and pissed in it."


Anyways I saw him at that american baseball game.


Melissa said...

I like American homeruns versus, say, a German homerun because American homeruns are very American and very clean. German homeruns always smell of cabage.

Melissa said...

Oh, that's supposed to be cabbage.

Conti said...

american home runs are reallly great. but have you seen a czech home run? they sail.