Don Dull no more

Dear Blogg,

I used to be a kooky, odd, fun, great guy. I'd surprise myself with my own thoughts. But now I'm Jose Boring. My day consists of a powerbar in the morning, work, basketball, dinner, tv, sleep. I mean once and a while I'll get drunk and do something interesting. Occasional I'll fool around with a pretty Puerto Rican girl. Once in a blue moon I'll go out to the hill and stare at tarantulas. Other than that I pretty mcuh have a very consistent routine: I'm Don Dull.

This NEEDS to change. I need to get back to square 1 and start doing things that don't make any sense. Hence this blogg post.

Will you help me become Johnny Exciting again? Will you help me shed my Don Dull mindframe? I'm going to list some changes I could make in my life. You vote on what you think I should start doing. Whatever wins, I do!


I have to fill up my gasoline-loving vehicle twice a week. For one month, instead of pumping all normal-like, I wear my Admiral Ackbar mask whenever I go to the gas station. I'd put on my mask and pump my gas, clean off my windshields, and try to start a conversation with the owner of a neighboring car about how outrageous the prices are.

I drive to Louisiana one Saturday and buy fireworks. When night falls, I pull over and shoot them in an open field. I will be alone, and I will pretend-cry while the fireworks go off.

I go to Sugars Strip Club in a red cape. Once (If) I get in, I'll tell all the girls that approach me that I'm a successful magician looking for a new trick.

Go to the zoo alone and have people take pictures of me (using my digital camera), standing in front of animal cages looking sad and confused.

Spend an entire day with a toaster duct taped to my body. Let you know how it is, hopefully take some pictures, etc.

Also, any ideas you come up with will be considered. ROCK THE VOTE! YOUR VOTE COUNTS! OTHER MTV VOTING SLOGANS!


Ajax said...

Don't make me choose! That's like spreading 10,000 gallons of honey across america and telling the ants it's christmas.

Have you punched a coworker yet? Maybe you should start there and see where it goes? Choose your own adventure!

Conti said...

Haha I want to punch Michelle today. She's sick and when she comes to the fax machine she spreads her germs on me. Maybe put on a glove before-hand?

Anyways shes probably reading this now: Hi Michelle! JK!

the pants said...

eat spicy potato chips and walk around rubbing your fingers on people's eyeballs. or if i have to pick from the list: the mask or zoo ones.

Melissa said...

Zoo! Zoo! Zoo!

Conti said...

I could also only pee outside for 3 days.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike! Look before you sit.

Conti said...

Thanks bub!

el Bow said...

I'm not sure why you are choosing? Can't you do them all at once?

Christine said...

Those are some crazy wicked ideas Mike. I might even try the fireworks one.

I think you should dress up as the Pillsbury Dough Boy and ask people in the mall to poke you. And then run from mall security chanting something insane and awesome. You could hit up like 3 malls in one day. Take over the city with your deliciousness!

Take pic's!

Anonymous said...

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