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Ahmed was my roommate freshman year at the University of Texas. Ahmed is from Egypt and is a very good engineer. He is very unique because: he is incredibly intelligent yet at the same time has a hard time understanding simple things. I'm sure you know someone like that. For instance, he played 3 years of HS football before he realized you have 4 chances to get a 1st down. Anyways Ahmed is a good friend.

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One night our freshman year Ahmed and I went out. We got really drunk with some people who we didn't know that well, but we could tell they were cool because they went to concerts and looked "Austin-y". After the krunk-a-lunk fest, it was 2am and we still wanted to party. So one of the cool dudes busts out some weed and is like 'hey lets sit on this curb and smoke this'.

After a few minutes Ahmed and I head back to our apartment. Ahmed was acting funny and got on my computer. He IMs Ineke.

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