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Ineke was a year younger than us and went to the HS that Ahmed and I graduated from. We knew Ineke because The Machine wanted to court her. But Ineke was with Joe and would say "I'm with Joe".

Well as it turned out, Ahmed wasn't the only one that had been partying all night. Here is the following coversation that took place:

-Everything Ahmed is saying isn't true
-The Reez is a buddy of ours
-Ronak was some random dude in Ahmed's engineering classes that we used to make fun of because his name was Ronak.

SenorBob82: yo ineke
SenorBob82: its ahmad
SenorBob82: I am by the best lake in the world
Ineke42: oh ae you
Ineke42: are you
Ineke42: are you drunk too?
SenorBob82: no
SenorBob82: i am tripping
SenorBob82: it is crazy
SenorBob82: INIKE, you are cool friend
SenorBob82: i am fool friend
Ineke42: you are on acid?
Ineke42: i am on X
SenorBob82: no inike
SenorBob82: i am no longer taking x
SenorBob82: i am simply on some pot
SenorBob82: i am sorry
Ineke42: on
Ineke42: oh
Ineke42: i am smoking the pot alot too
Ineke42: everyday
SenorBob82: i am being clamish
Ineke42: i am making straght As
SenorBob82: do you smoke in the resrooms?
Ineke42: no
Ineke42: before school
Ineke42: sometimes
Ineke42: and after school
Ineke42: a lot of the time
SenorBob82: i see
SenorBob82: i think this is neat
SenorBob82: like the reez
Ineke42: like the reez>
Ineke42: ?
SenorBob82: yes
SenorBob82: smooth, like him
SenorBob82: damn, i type good
SenorBob82: like a typist
Ineke42: oh
Ineke42: awesome
SenorBob82: thank you?
SenorBob82: are you a soccer player still?
Ineke42: oh yes
SenorBob82: wonderful
SenorBob82: i am trying out for the v-ball squad
SenorBob82: i hope to make at least the practice team
SenorBob82: i am a ranger too
SenorBob82: i hope u plan on having ranger like success?
Ineke42: awesome
Ineke42: yeps
SenorBob82: bless u
SenorBob82: mike is the 4th best coder in the nation-state
SenorBob82: u suck at it
SenorBob82: he is also on the raquetball team
SenorBob82: as am i
Ineke42: awesome
SenorBob82: thank you ineke
SenorBob82: you are a great girl
Ineke42: why thank you
Ineke42: like wise
SenorBob82: i am glad we became friends this summer
Ineke42: yes i am glad of this also
SenorBob82: good
Ineke42: excellent
Ineke42: then we are in aggreance
SenorBob82: do u think people in high school sick
SenorBob82: suck
Ineke42: yes
SenorBob82: so many people at clements were fake
Ineke42: the ydo suck
SenorBob82: that angers ahmad
Ineke42: i have never felt like i belonged
Ineke42: yes it angers ineke
SenorBob82: you musty disperse this anger
Ineke42: on those who are fake
SenorBob82: perhaos
SenorBob82: perhaps
Ineke42: definitly
SenorBob82: imeke, this isnt my boat
SenorBob82: it is like line dancing
SenorBob82: it is not of the desert
Ineke42: i would rather river dance if you donht mind
SenorBob82: i dont mind that
SenorBob82: i saw the lead singer of vertical horizon=
Ineke42: i am going to see dave matthews
SenorBob82: i love dmb
Ineke42: shouldnt everyone?
SenorBob82: no
SenorBob82: ronak hates it
Ineke42: well ronak smonak
Ineke42: give him some pot
Ineke42: and make him listen
SenorBob82: he is at spiros
SenorBob82: taking x
Ineke42: good man
SenorBob82: i like the boy
Ineke42: excellent
SenorBob82: inke, where are you going to college?
Ineke42: i dont know
Ineke42: st eds i thinkI
neke42: depends
SenorBob82: hrs/../
Ineke42: uh huh
Ineke42: interesting
SenorBob82: yes
Ineke42: you are very interesting
SenorBob82: sweet
Ineke42: pass the sweet on the left hand side
SenorBob82: what does that mean?
Ineke42: sweets
SenorBob82: i see
Ineke42 signed off at 4:56:40 AM.

After that Ahmed drew a picture of Jabba the Hut and then fell alseep. The picture was very well done. What a glorious night.

Honest to God that was the only time either one of us has been around any illegal drugs. People who know us personally know that, but I wanted to clarify for those who don't. After that night we pretty much stuck to racquetball and mormon girls.


Ajax said...

Computers rule.

Melissa said...

Haha, Spiros...

Conti said...

I've never been to Spiros. I've heard its a krunkfest.

Anonymous said...

hah. you went to Clements.

i'm sorry.

Anonymous said...

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