I don't know really

"I wish I could learn magic and impress the princess," the queer boy said aloud.

"I know what I'll do!," the gay shouted, "I'll put on a black cape and go to the castle!"

The queer boy pranced to the castle gates.

"I'm here to see the princess." the fagmeister said to the castle guard.

"No! I won't let you in these walls." the ugly guard said in a defensive voice.

The ugly turned around and cried.

His mother had just died and he did not feel like standing near the gate.



Melissa said...

But the fagmeister wouldn't let up so he threw his new, silver Jimmy Choos at the guard and said
"Um, excuse me, Mr. Guard? I said I'm here to see the princess"
The guard came back, tears still in his eyes, and responded
"I said no! Go away"
However, this little fudge packer was a relentless one and then his queenie streak came out and he yelled out
"Listen here bitch! I said I want to see the princess! Let me in or I swear on all things pink that I will rip your fucking eyes out with my newly manicured nails" at which point he hissed and clawed at the air.

Conti said...

haha wow that was awesome

Christine said...

"at which point he hissed and clawed at the air."

HAHAHAHAHA You Rock Melissa!!

Anonymous said...

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