The One

Well it finally happened. I met my special someone. My Lover. My Future.

She loves baseball. She's sexy. She's exotic. She's funny. She's perfect.

I'm 23 and I know we'll be together forever. And nothing makes me happier.

Last night I met an angel.

Here she is, MY girlfriend. (That sounds SO wierd to say!):

My Girl Posted by Hello

Are you as taken back by her as I was? Thats what I thought!

I seduced her by putting on Madona - Justify My Love. I had made some fresh guacamole, so we ate that and stared in each others eyes. Then we got romantic. I won't share the details (I DON'T want to mess this up!), but I will share that I licked some spilt guacamole off of her lower belly.

We're going to Houston tonite. I'm going to introduce her to my family. I know they will love her as much as I do.

I'm so happy right now guys! It's like I'm blogging on a cloud!

Have a great weekend everybody!


Melissa said...

Woah! You hit the motherload of all hot girls! I'm especially turned on by her happy trail, sooo hot!

Anonymous said...

Hey mike. When you take your GF to the Star Wars movie, I recommend letting her wear the Admiral Ackbar mask.

Anonymous said...

It's a trap!

Ajax said...

You are a lucky man.

Don't blow it.

Melissa said...

Um, are you, like, holed up in your bedroom making out with your new gf?

Conti said...

No I've had to do real work for the last 2 days. But my boss is going out of town tommorow so I should blog 90 times in the next week.

As for my gf, she's doing well but doesn't want to make out again until we're married. I totally respect that.

It's kinda frustrating though but we hold hands all the time and I still get to touch her stomach whenever I want.

Anonymous said...