Likey Spikey from Mikey

I don't think I'm going to blog anymore. I don't think I'm going to do anything anymore. That's because I discovered something. Something magical. www.bumperball.dk. Holy shit that game is addicting. People at work see me playing and are like "haha what are you doing?" And I don't respond because its none of their fuckin business and I'm real focused on getting to level 7.

I love the band Ace of Base. SYKE

This weekend I'm going to get a haircut. SYKE

Do you remember Nickolodeon and when gak was popular? I really liked the way gak smelt. Smelt like safe chemicals. I remember I'd put red gak on my face and lay on my bed after school. I didn't play any sports and I didn't have a lot of friends back then so thats what I'd do. Put red gak on my face. I like cold gak more than I like warm gak. Warm gak sux. Cold gak Rulz!

Speaking of chemicals, acid has been dripping on my car and ruining the way it looks. I wish I were lying. But at my apartment complex there is underground parking and the panel above my car has been leaking. I thought it was just water but it turns out its destructive acid that ruins the way cars look. Now I have to put a towel over my car when its parked.

I can't wait to move. I'm going to live in a much nicer place in a month or two. It will be up in the hills and only celebrities and beautiful people can visit.

I also can't wait to drunk dial my blog this weekend. Those audio things are fun.

Me: "Hey Phil, are we still best buds?"
Phil: "Yeah."
Me: "Ok just checking."


Ajax said...

It's always good to double-check stuff like that.

Melissa said...

I can't wait until I move into my new place this weekend. Only trendy, 4th street hipsters are allowed, you know, people who dye their hair black and then blow dry while they spray it with hairspray. Yeah, they're cool

Conti said...

Yeah he's a pretty good best bud so if we have a falling out I need to be in the know, ya know?

Melissa - what part of town are you moving into? Are you near 4th?

Melissa said...

I'm moving way off 4th, practically is south Dallas. I'll be off 183 and McNeil :(

Darth Sinz said...

dude, let go of your bro. he's my bro, and he's joining the Cali Side soon.

Melissa said...

Bumperball sucks

Anonymous said...

I'll suck your bumper ball