I was just trying to fish

I remember the moment I knew that one day in the future I would be famous. It was at the artificial pond right behind The Machine's house.

We were walking around the lake when these Japanese people approached me. They had an infant baby and didn't speak any English. How the hell they got to Sugar Land, Texas I have no idea. Through some unusual communications, I figured out they wanted some type of picture.

"You want me to take a picture of you?"
"Yes. Yes."
"Oh, Sure."

But instead of handing me the camera that they had, they handed me their daughter. I looked at Dean The Machine with a look like "What the hell do I do?" But for some reason the Machine was backing away from me (It was a baby, Machine, not a fucking bomb). Anyways I was holding the baby and they took a picture of me with their it. I was like 12 and had never held an Asian baby before. I don't think I smiled because I was too busy trying to be gentle. I was very careful not to drop it in the lake.

They were really happy and grateful after it was taken. I was a little bit scared and didn't want to take any more pictures with Asians. I'm pretty sure after that I went inside and called my mom to pick me up. Either that or I watched Dean eat a cake that his sister just baked and left notes saying he couldn't eat it.

I could easily see that picture being somewhere in Asia above some Asian mantle place. I'll bet they for sure framed it. I imagine that picture hung where they eat and every night the father tells the story to the daughter about how special of a guy I was. That girls 12 now. I could easily see that being the biggest thing that's ever happened to her. Family probably has big parties where people ask about it and shit. "Oh American Boy - Very Good. Held the Babea. Camera and it very well near wata."

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You're so odd ;)