Did You Know?

Gasoline isn't just for cars, silly! Here are some uncommon uses for gasoline:

  • Out of shaving cream? Just splash some gasoline (Octane 87 or higher) on your face, and shave away! Just don't shave too fast...otherwise you may create a spark and a face fire!
  • Does your Aunt Gerri have bad arthritis and complains she can't get a good nights sleep? Don't fret! Just make Aunt Gerri some gasoline soup (gasoline, carrots, and garlic)! She'll be out before dessert!
  • Tired of getting junk mail? Just light the mailman on fire!
  • Trying to get laid by the biker crowd? Replace perfume and cologne with your highest octane!
  • Feel like a bowl of cheerios? Enjoy a new taste AND cut the carbs by replacing boring milk with tasty gasoline.
  • Want to make some new arab friends? Join your local Gasoline Club!

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