For those of you who don't know, I work for a small advertising agency in Austin. We do a lot of recruitment advertising for restaurants (how niche is that?). Basically a company will come to us and say "We need to hire 4 people in so-and-so area. Can you advertise and drive people into our stores so we can interview them?"
We say yes and post online ads, run some stuff in the local newspapers, etc. Once and a while we get to do something really fun.
Wendy's came to us and said they wanted help hiring new managers in Eastern Kentucky. Since no one in Eastern KY can read, we decided to go with radio commercials to reach our audience.
I helped write the spot (no time to get too creative with recruitment), and the bumfuck radio station in Pikesville, KY produced it.
I've audio-ed the spot. Listen to it:
this is an audio post - click to play
Haha - How bad but awesome is that? When I was studying advertising in school, I'd make fun of stuff like that. But I seriously couldn't be happier with how it came out. It's the perfect start to my career.

Can you hear that guys voice? Why did he smoke 6 cartons of cigarettes before reading my commercial? How much do you think that guy weighs? I can guarentee you that he has facial hair. You can just tell in his voice. And how about those 3 musical notes at the end of the spot there? Way to end what could be the most annoying commercial in the history of radio.
Anyways it kinda makes me chuckle that my commercial is going to be played hundreds and hundreds of times over the next few days. I would love for somone from the area to come across this blog and let me know how much he hates me.
Ah, life.


Ajax said...

Including Pikeville and Hazard!


Conti said...

Are you ready?...

For a BIGGIE sized career??

Melissa said...

I got to show a big, hairy guy with a ponytail an apartment today. Top that with your Wendy's commercial! Boo-yah!

Melissa said...

I know that was incredibly gay. I can't believe I just used boo-yah, who am I? Joey Buttafuoco?

Conti said...

hey could you sell my apartment? Our lease ends at the end of July but I want to move before then.

Conti said...

Oh and it's okay to use boo-yah! I raise the roof at least 3 times a day.

Anonymous said...

Hehe I love ur blog

Melissa said...

I can't sell your apartment, I'm not an agent, just a leasing consultant :(.
We should totally get together and raise the roof but I've had to minimize raising the roof to just two times a week because it was getting out of control. After a while it just lost all meaning and I was lost, my life was so confusing. I'm now devoted to just shaking my groove thing.