Part 3

More commenting on other people's blogs...

My parents bought a new van today...the 2005 Honda Odyssey.

I can't imagine your parents making a more terrible decision. Thanks.

I make it a policy not to discuss details of my sex life in my blog, but today I woke up with throbbing eyes and a sick sense of despair. Mark was still curled with his back facing me. After some time I woke him, and we had a lengthy discussion, after which I sat numb and exhausted in front of the computer and cried without blinking.

Never, never, never break that policy again. Thanks.

In Language Arts I changed seats for the day to sit next to Whitney. We read an article about poop. Don't ask me why.

Why? Because your teacher is on crack coacine. Thanks.

Okay I have a buttload of work to do today so naturally I am procrastinating as much as possible. Maybe I should go get my snack-size Almond Joy out of the fridge to give me some sugar motivation.

Why did you tell me that your Almond Joy is snack-sized? I don't like details like that. Thanks.

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