Did you know that fax machines whisper to me?

Did you know that THE MACHINE can see pollution?

Did you know that Howie is Hungry and he's coming to Austin?

Did you know that 3+2-6=-1?

Did you know that I've spoken to a wizard, and that wizard was named JR, and JR the Wizard wanted to work at Taco Cabana, and that JR the Wizard really liked me?

Did you know that God invented everything except gak and moustaches?

Did you know that my hair can spike again?

Did you know that I recently found out I really like to sharpen pencils, even when they dont need to be sharpened?

Did you know that I don't care about balloons, no matter what the color, size, or shape?

Did you know that phone numbers piss me off?

Did you know that behind my computer there is a time warp with a class c invisible shield that I can't figure out the code too but once I do I can go back and ride a teradactyl in the dinosaur ages except I'll bring some 'nades with me so I can kill any shitty T-Rex's that I see that try and claw me?

Did you know that the other day I started thinking about concept of kicking and I started to laugh?

Did you know that when THE MACHINE started seeing pollution I was in the back seat wearing a collar shirt and wishing I had more money to spend at the Galleria?

Did you know that no American Indian has ever been in an office ever because they are so outdoorsy and would rather die than sit in a room and look at pads of paper instead of deer, elk, yeoman, and white people that are inhabiting?

gabba gabba gabba gabba gabba gabba gabba
thousands of numbers



Melissa said...

Work sucks but thanks for keeping me occupied with your posting :)

Anonymous said...

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