Dreaming in Digital

I listened to the Orgy - Candyass CD a few times today. It's solid.

Reminds me of sophomore year of HS. I'd eat a snack, go upstairs, put in the CD, pop in Madden 98 in the SNES and get to business. I loved off-seasons so much more than playing the actual game. Resign the studs. Sign any free agent's wirh a rating over 85. Trade a backup tackle for a 3rd round draft pick. Trade two 3rd round picks for a late 1st rounder. Trade two late 1st rounder picks for an early 1st round pick and a 3rd round. Continue until you own the first 4 picks in the draft. Dominate.

I found out I was creative very early in life. In fact I remember the exact moment. I wanted to see a tank. I closed my eyes and imagined a badass green tank. It popped in my head and I smiled.

I lost my personality sometime yesterday afternoon. I put it in my gym bag before I went to go play some basketball. I didn't want to have my personality out while I walked on campus, just in case I ran into someone I didn't want to talk to. So I just threw it in with my keys, cell, and money clip. I guess there is a hole in that old bag or something, because when I got home it wasn't around. I was tired from playing so I didn't go look for it. I decided a personality isn't too important to have. Sure I'll miss it every now and again. But now I'll be able to make more money. Become an engineer. Something. Ya know?

I use a lot of paper towels because I think trees are overrated. Trees NEVER help me get laid. Trees NEVER fall over onto some asshole that Id like to see get branch-stabbed. Trees NEVER grow anything cool like condoms or glacier freeze flavored gatorade. They just sit around like a shithead. Someone once tried to hand me a flyer to help save the trees. Why would I want to do that? Thanks. I'd rather save the trampolines. Make sure parents don't take them away from kids and shit like that.

I stormed away from the girl handing out flyers when I realized that by NOT taking a flyer (made of paper that came from a tree), that I WAS saving the trees. I became enfuriated...and confused. Since I didn't know exactly what to do, I decided to start jumping.

After 45 minutes I decided to go home.

Speaking of tanks, I'm trying to sell my SUV for $120,000. You can find a better deal. But you've got to ask yourself: do I WANT to find a better deal?

Shout out to everyone at the Chuck's Crawfish boil this last weekend. That was a blast. For those of you who weren't there, you missed excellent food and getting drunk at 3pm. Best drinking game ever: Go outside and hold up a sign that reads U HONK, WE DRINK. It was AWESOME. We were on some little side street...so it was a big deal when a car came by. The most fun was when a car of old people would honk like crazy/look pissed and wouldn't honk. One group of giggly girls even circled the block and honked twice. When the cops came, secretly I'll bet they were impressed. Of course I wouldn't really know since I decided to run. Ahaha. I ran from the cops. Ahahahaha.

I start work tommorow...wish me luck!