New list of whats not gay:

confetti eggs
musical chairs
handsome ducks
being able to tell time
the sun
being tall
thinking about being badass in war
winning at tetris
thowing nades

That's it. That's the list of whats not gay. If it isn't on that list then whatever you are looking at, thinking about, or doing is gay. I would know, because I made up the list. Thanks.

I played some basketball today and dominated everyone. There weren't any NBA scouts around, which made me furious.

Live once wrote a song called 'The Dolphins Cry'. That was gay.

I was laying in my hammock on Wednesday when some shitty dog came up to me and bit my calf muscle. Luckily my leg muscles are like steal, so I didn't even feel it. I was furious at the dog for making me get all uncomfortable, so I took that shithead dog and used him for shark bait. I just realized I typed steal instead of steel. Did you notice that? I'm not going to go back and fix that error because that would be gay. I made a mistake and need to learn my lesson.

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