Other people have blogs too

I decided to look at other peoples blogs and comment on what they have to say. I clicked 'Next Blog' a bunch of times and just copied an interesting line from the blog. Then I made comments, whcih are in bold. Here they are:

My uncle Dave did quite a number on his leg last week. He broke his femur in four places while skiing and wound up needing surgery and is having some complications from that.

Uncle Dave is a shitty skier. Thanks.

Ok, so what should I talk about tonight? Hmm... I can talk about my musical preferences, but I don't want anyone to think that I'm pathetic. Oh wait, everyone knew that by now!

You could talk about your confidence problem. Thanks.

Lagipula kalau untuk logo, saya pernah alhamdulillah berhasil computerize logo dari photoshop saja. Padahal menggunakan garis lekuk yang cukup banyak. Seharian sih buatnya dan extra sabar level 3 :)

Kalutuckgga Laouga berhapv banyak level 3. Thanks.

k8rg8r57: and a few minutes later, one of the little asian men comes back with 3 trays of mcdonalds sodas
k8rg8r57: so he's like balancing them, handing them our and whatever, and all of a sudden, he drops one of them
k8rg8r57: soda explodes on the floor!!!
k8rg8r57: but nobody moves, they all act as if nothing happened! nobody moves to clean it up, or anything! he simply continues on passing out the drinks!

Ahahaha. That's funny. I needed that. Thanks.