Since everyone really likes me and is always asking me questions about my personal life I've decided to share some insight on my employment status.

I have decided to take on 3 part time jobs:

R+R Advertising Agency
This will be where I spend most of my time and energy. R+R is an agency that focuses mainly on the restaurant industry. I will be selling the many services that R+R does. I'm really pumped because it gets me back into the agency world. It's a newer, smaller company that is looking to take it to the next level. I'll probably dominate sales and take the company to like 14 levels above. Zane is the president and my boss and a real positive, upbeat guy that I can't wait to work for. Shout out to Maggie for getting me in the door.

Kaurina's Ice Cream
Kaurina's is an Indian ice cream that is being introduced to the Austin market. I will be working on marketing and selling the product, mainly on weekends. The ice cream has done very well in other markets, like Dallas, Atlanta, and Baltimore. Because of my incredible marketing abilities, I guarentee they name a street in Austin after Kaurinas. I'm excited about this because I'll be working under Aman, who's mother is the creator of all the flavors and everything they have. Also, I'm pumped because the ice cream is really freaking good. I really think this could take off and I could end up as the #2 guy behind Aman.

Snap is an Austin-based company that assists in online auction sales. Basically you can take stuff to Snap, and for 7%, they will sell it for you on ebay. As another side project, I'll be working on a short term project with Paul Walker, the owner of Snap. Ballet Austin plans on putting on a performance of the Nutcracker, and wants Snap to find a corporate sponser for them. I'll be going to big companies in Austin with Paul, and try to create a bidding war for this service. Basically I strong arm these huge companies into giving me large amounts of money. I'm exicited because I'll make good contacts, and hopefully I'll be able to do more with Snap in the future.

I'm a lot more happy with these opportunities than the shitfest that was Marcoa. I think I'll have some fun in the next few months. Hopefully I only get fired from one or two of these companies. Siiiiiiiiiiiiick!

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