I'm kind of drunk

My name is Michael Conti. Today I checked my mail. I had a letter. The letter read as follows:

"You Win Your Choice of a new 2005 GMC Sierra Crew Cab or $30,000 Cash!"

Ah...I'll take the cash. Thanks.

So I called up this GMC dealer and said just that. I'll repeat it. With parenthesis. "Ah...I"ll take the cash. Thanks."

After a few moments of silence some the shithead on the other line told me that I hadn't actually won anything. He said it was a promotion that the dealership had running.

I hung up and let the anger build in my chest. I had a decision to make.

Help Mike make his decision...what WOULD YOU CHOOSE? If you think Mike should handle the situation calmy, read option A. If you think Mike should act on his anger, read option B.

A- Mike hangs up the phone and does some yoga. He thinks about Jesus while he pets his puppy, Samson. Mike moves to California and tries to save the sea otters from pollution. When Mike thinks back about the event with the dealership, he laughs lightly and flashes a peace sign.

B- Mike hangs up the phone and heads to the dealership. He goes in and asks for the all the salesmen's attention. "Hullo...I'm with the video store down the street. We are going out of business. Would you like some great DVD's, free of charge?" The salesmen all happily agree and await to see which titles they will be receiving. Mike reaches into his bag, and instead of Sleepless in Seattle and Free Willy, the salesmen are awarded with a round of 'nades. Mike giggles loudly as he drives away from the flames in his new GMC Sierra Crew Cab.


erin said...

YES! choose your own adventure, just what i've been waiting for. i choose B. just don't get caught.

Conti said...


B it is! And don't worry about me getting caught...I'll wear a cape.

I checked out your blog. It was pretty tight. You have like 15 people comments on each post. You must be really popular. Or really easy. Hey-0000