I may of had a few the night I wrote this...

Whats awesome about me is that I basically do eveything right!@1 for insantace.....i am wrigting this blog with my ey4s closesd! can you nbelieve that? i dont care about what i say! you will love it
i know youwill love it? i am the creator of the bog, and thais is what i do. i wriytelike a song of a bitch . so wanywaysw, how come all hot chicks with decent tits are aalways ytaken??
thats 3whhhhhhhac!!!! buppples are hared to see!! you always ahve to asm before hadn! wheres your head at ? basement hjazxx. thats the name of teh songs,. i'm hammered and need to go to bed .

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Anonymous said...

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