3 for you

The last time I made a mistake was in 1988. I was in 2nd grade and had a bad hangover. We were doing some dumb alphabet worksheet, and I accidently forgot to dot one of my lowercase j's.

If the sun were a man I would befriend him. I like positive people, especially someone that really makes me glow. But I wouldn't get to close to him, because he's the type of guy that could really burn you.

When I was a young kid, I thought of ways to trick the toothfairy. My best plan was to get kernels of corn and paint them white. I'd place them under my pillow and get rich. It's too bad the toothfairy doesn't exist. I could really use the money.


Lainey said...

There's a book from our childhood where a child does paint corn kernels white and he gets in HUGE trouble, so it's probably a good idea you didn't do that. Cause you'd probably go to hell. And I hear it's kinda hot there.

Charlie, sometimes awesome. said...

There were some things on your blog that I thought were really funny. No joke, I carped my pants a few time. No really, carp.

On the other hand, furthermore, conversely and not to mention, however. I also found some things on your site really, and I mean really, gay. The story about your gayest experience for one.

Conti said...


Carp is a pretty badass fish. And funny enough, you use corn to catch fish. For real. I would know. I fished in Lake Conroe. More than once.