A few years ago I used to have fun with writing odd emails to people who I did not know. It's fun to confuse the unexpected! Well I decided to get back into it. This is a letter I sent off to some random childrens movie website, followed by their response. Enjoy.

Dear Eureka Movies,

My name is Michael Conti and I am a children’s filmmaker. I have produced over 100 short films made for children of all ages. My most popular films include the award winning Tumbling Tony and Too Many Hats! I am writing you today because I know you will be interested in my most recent film, My Kid Brother Belongs In Mongolia!

The film is an intriguing tale that follows Topper Jenkins and his kid brother, Luther. The boys live in an Indiana suburban, where Topper plays on the basketball team and flirts with his crush, Susan Cucumber. Topper is your average 7th grader…except his kid brother Luther drives him crazy! Topper takes action against Luther after he ruins an opportunity to kiss Susan. Topper decides he’s had enough! He’s going to mail Luther to Mongolia! In a very comical scene, Luther is in hysterics as Topper stuffs him in a cardboard box. “Bye Luther…see ya when I see ya!,” Topper says as he closes the box addressed to Mongolia. “God No…please Topper! I’m sorry! Ahhhhhhh!,” Luther screams.

This is where the story really gets fun. After a traveling montage, Luther forces his way out of the box. You can imagine his expression when he realizes he’s in the middle of Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia!! The story follows Luther as he is forced to survive on the outskirts of the Gobi Desert. He has a miserable time until he befriends a Russian man named Moustachio and his dog, Henry.

The story ends happily when Luther, Moustachio, and Henry steal a pirate’s ship and sail back to Indiana. Luther eventually forgives Topper…after Henry bites his crouch!!! The film ends as Mrs. Jenkins invites everyone in for pizza…even the Mongolian pirate that Luther and Moustachio kept as a hostage!!

I would love for My Kid Brother Belongs In Mongolia! to be featured on your site. Feel free to ask any questions if I did not make my presentation clear. Also, is there anything else I can do on my end to work with your site? Please let me know…I eagerly await for your response!

Thanks a mill,
Michael Conti

Here is there response:

Hello, Michael.

Thank you very much for your proposal.

We would appreciate if you could inform whether you have the movie available in VCD format as we are only selling VCDs. If you do not, we are pleased to guide you on how to produce it in VCD if you are interested.

Also, kindly let us know the terms and prices you are selling. If everything is acceptable, we might consider dealing with you.

We hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

Best regards

Dennet Chew (Ms)
Eureka Movies

They're interested! If I knew what the hell a VCD was I'd film the damn thing. Make some cash. Anyone have a little brother who could portray Luther?