Movie Idea Chat with Dean

SenorBob82: i'm writing a movie about a dead hamster
BigDL72: what do the hamsters do?
SenorBob82: he just lays there and died
SenorBob82: until Jevers comes and ties a kite to him
BigDL72: is jevers the main character?
SenorBob82: no
SenorBob82: main characters don't exist
SenorBob82: its hard to explain
BigDL72: is it a short film?
SenorBob82: about 8 hours
SenorBob82: its a trilogy
BigDL72: holy crap
BigDL72: dude
SenorBob82: 7 1/2 hours of the hamster being dead
SenorBob82: 1/2 hour credits
BigDL72: just sitting there?
SenorBob82: yes
BigDL72: is the kite the climax?
SenorBob82: no i just edited that out
SenorBob82: its just the dead hamster now
BigDL72: so
BigDL72: is there any conversation at all?
SenorBob82: no
SenorBob82: just silence
SenorBob82: and noise from the camera zooming in and out
BigDL72: will there just be one hamster?
SenorBob82: yes
SenorBob82: a light brown and white one
SenorBob82: he's a 2-colored hamster
SenorBob82: or, he used to be
BigDL72: the only problem i see is that you will have to find one dead and then film around him becasue you cant kill a hamster
SenorBob82: i'll feed one poison and tell activists that he died of old age
BigDL72: hahaha
BigDL72: dude
BigDL72: i dont know about this movie mike, but if you make it i will probably like it
SenorBob82: thank you
SenorBob82: would you watch all of it?
BigDL72: i dont know about 7.5 hours
BigDL72: maybe like 2.5 minutes
BigDL72: i am not a huge fan of looking at dead things
SenorBob82: what if i told you there was a bonus scene
SenorBob82: where something fun happened
SenorBob82: but i didnt tell anyone where it was
BigDL72: that woudl drive me a crazy
BigDL72: would there really be a bonus scene?
SenorBob82: yeah i would make a cut in the middle of the hamster viewing
SenorBob82: to admiral ackbar in a creek shooting a loud pistol
BigDL72: hahahahaha
BigDL72: i like that


Jen said...

I totally have a dead light brown and white hamster for you to use. I just wish you would have said something earlier, because it has been buried in my backyard for over 10 years now, and I don't think he's exactly ready for his close up.
RIP, Smokey! We miss you!

ben said...

I think Smokey is an ineffective name for a hamster.

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Anonymous said...

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