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I was fired 2 days before Christmas from my first job out of school. How's that for the real world? I'm writing this all down because I believe it will add to my legend. Plus its a good way to vent.

So the day before I leave for Christmas, I get a call on my cell phone from my boss David.

David: "How you doing this week?"
Me: " Good...I sold an ad Monday...ya know...just working"
David: "Umm...we kind of need you to sell $5000 this week."
Me: "Um...well it's the day before Christmas Eve...so no one's really working."
David: "Well, it's just that we need you to get to $5000. Why don't you leave for home a day early."
Me: "Why didn't you tell me this on Monday when I could have done something about it??"
David: "Well if I told you Monday you wouldn't have gotten paid today. Why don't you just take off for Christmas."
Me: "If I'm being fired you should just tell me."
David: "Yeah I think thats probably whats going to happen"
Mee: "Oh...well I'll come into the office so you can fire me and I can get my things."
David: awkward laugh

15 minutes later I was in the office collecting my things. Everyone was trying to be overly nice to me...telling me to have a good holiday and that I would be very successful soon. I didn't care much what they had to say, but I agreed and was on my way. David followed me out, pleading with me to use him as a resource...that he didn't want to fire me but it was just the nature of the position. I didn't care much, so I headed to my car. This is where my legend grows. It was about midday...and it had been a clear morning. This changed quickly, however, as soon as I left the office. The sky opened and it began to pour. It just rained and rained. Because Jesus was furious. It rained for 15 minutes. The rest of the day was beautiful...no rain.

So why was I fired?

I don't know. The only thing I can think of is I never had a huge week. I was 2nd on the sales team in seniority...after only 3 months. I had seen 9 or 10 people come and go. I was the only one who sold an ad every week while employed. I sold a shitty publication that the had only 14 ads the year before. When David trained 2 new guys on my publication, he didn't sell a single ad.

I think it had to do with me being a young guy. Everyone else in the office was married and/or had a kid. Oh well...it was a pretty shitty job anyway. Who fired someone the day before Christmas? Honestly.

There's more to the whole thing but I'm sick of typing about it. Plus it happened like a month ago so it's not fresh anymore. That and who wants to read about this? It's unfunny. And doesn't mention penguins. Until then. I just mentioned penguins. Siiiiiickkk.


Anonymous said...

There is life after Marcoa. Trust me plus I think David was gay. I quit and it was the best thing I ever did.

Anonymous said...

You should be happy you weren't apart of this fiasco in March, 2004: