He's Just Not That Into You

This New Years trip our airline fucked up and my family had to drive from Phoenix to LA. All the sudden I had 8 hours of time to kill...but nothing to kill it with. Luckily my sister brought a few books...including He's Just Not That Into You, by two Sex and the City writers. So I decide to read it...I figure I'd learn something about the mysterious female mind...and it would be kinda entertaining, right? The book had been flying off of book shelves for the holiday...and even I know that SATC is more praise-worthy than Jesus himself. So halfway between Phoenix and the California border I begin reading HJNTIY by 2 SATC writers.

And woooooooow. I'm sorry to say this...but if this is the type of thing that helps women than I have really overestimated women. That book was laughable. And I'm not the type of guy that will down this type of thing just because it's a 'manly' thing to do. This book was horribly written and included absolutely no insight what-so-ever. A better title for this book would be Obvious Shit That If You Have An IQ Over 70 You Should Definitely Know.

If you haven't read the book...let me explain it. Basically each chapter breaks down different relationship problems that men create, inform the woman that the reason this problem is occurring is because he's just not that into them, and then tells the woman that she needs to find someone who will treat her like a true princess. But here's the thing...listen to some of the Chapter titles (and I am NOT making these up):

If He's Married to Someone Else...He's Just Not That Into You
Oh no shit?

If He Disappears Completely...He's Just Not That Into You
Dang. That's profound.

If He's Breaking Up With You...He's Just Not That Into You
Wow. What would give that away?

The only thing the book was missing was a chapter entitled If He's Tried to Run You Over With His Truck...He's Just Not That Into You. But I guess the writers have to save something for the sequel. Anyways I'm glad I read the book. It gave me the confidence to become a self-help writer myself. Look for Relationship Advice From a Guy Who Has Never Been in a Relationship by Michael Conti. Coming to a Barnes and Noble near you.

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