I have a business idea. I'm going to film people taking naps in unusual places, such as parking lots or on top of vending machines. I will film in black and white, with no sound what-so-ever. I'm going to take this film and create an unusually long DVD collection entitled "Sleep, Beep and Sleep". Then I'm going to sell these DVD collections to Russian people.

Another idea is to dig a typical swimming pool, but with no water inside of it. Instead I will place medium sized lamps inside of the pool. The pool will be filled to the rim with dozens and dozens of broken lamps. I will charge people to photograph my pool, for it will be an incredible piece of art. In addition, I will make all visitors take off their shoes and remain silent while visiting.

A third idea is to make uncomfortable underwear for overweight Americans. They will wear the underwear for a few minutes before they discover the underwear is very uncomfortable. They will ask for a refund, and will recieve none. I will use all profits I gain to construct the world's largest hammer.

Another idea is to make Super Soakers that soak an enemy not with water, but with lava. Your enemy will perish and you can take their wallet and use whatever credit cards you find for beautiful paintings or comfortable sleeping matresses.

Idea number five is to make a business suit for the genitals. Complete with coat, pants, and tie, this handsome idea will mix business with pleasure.

Please don't take any of my ideas. I won't sue or fight you. But I'll be really dissapointed in you.

Signing off,

Michaelasldkjfaklejrojo;kj Contiowkldfsja;lkfdj

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