Great one

I didn't post for many days because I was busy with work and the such. Work is cool. I spend a lot of the day in my car listening to talk radio and music. I also chat with businesspeople. I try very hard to make sure the space next to my name on the dry erase board gets filled in.

Its really hard to find a fake moustache in Austin. I spent an hour searching before I finally found one at the Goodwill. I purchased it despite my doubts about second hand moustaches. It's a very good, dark moustache that hangs over my upper lip. I like to wear it while I'm napping or ordering a sandwich at Subway. You can hardly recognize me when my moustache is duct taped to my face.

Voting on the 2nd was hellish. Behind me was an unattractive, loud liberal who keep on wanting to tell me what her opinion was. In front of me was an overly energetic and annoying Asian girl who somehow knew everyone at the polls. She made it a big deal that she wouldn't tell anyone who she was voting for. I played tetris on my cellphone until it was my turn to vote. Who did I vote for? Not John Kerry. Not George Bush. Let's just say I wrote in someone. A hero. A leader. An incredible athlete.


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