Best Book Ever

"I didn't grab Nurse Duckett by the bosom," said Yossarian.
"I grabbed her by the bosom," said Dunbar.
"Are you both crazy?" the doctor cried shrilly, backing away in palling confusion.
"Yes, he really is crazy, Doc," Dunbar assured him. "Every night he dreams he's holding a live fish in his hands."
The doctor stopped in his tracks with a look of elegant amazement and distaste, and the ward grew still. "He does what?" he demanded.
"He dreams he's holding a live fish in his hands."
"What kind of fish?" the doctor inquired sternly to Yossarian.
"I don't know," Yossarian answered. "I can't tell one kind of fish from another."
"In which hand do you hold them?"
"It varies," answered Yossarian.
"It varies with the fish," Dunbar added helpfully.

---Catch 22, Joseph Heller

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