At least I brush

I went to an elementary school called Mission Bend. Once when I was in kindergarten a dentist came and spoke to all of my school's kindergarten classes. I remember sitting Indian style towards the back of the big classroom. I was far from the dentist, but I had a good view of the entire audience. I'll bet there were about 30 or 40 kids in the room that day.

Anyways the dentist starts talking about teeth, and how it's important to take care of them. He gets into saying how milk is important because of the calcium. And then he asks something like, "but when SHOULDN'T you drink milk?" I remember having no earthly clue. But without hesitation, majority of the kids shouted in unison "AT NIGHT!" They answered the question like they had known it for years! And we were like 5! And most of those kids couldn't spell their own names!

I started to panic. Why was I the only kid who didn't know that question? I knew he didn't say anything about that during his little speech...I had been paying attention the entire time. I knew we didn't go over that in class...I for sure would have remembered. It was at this point, that I concluded it must be my parents. I had bad parents. Everyone else's parents must have taught them that. Mine just didn't know that you're not supposed to drink milk at night.

Keep in mind I was 5. I was suspicious about my parents at age 5. And I seriously remember this whole thing happening. After that, I remember being really nervous that the dentist would ask for a volunteer and he'd pick me. I'd have to go in front of everyone and he'd ask me more teeth questions that I didn't know. Was I an odd kid, or what?

Luckily I was wrong about having bad parents...they turned out awesome and have taught me so much. But I never got the "Son we need to have a talk...are you drinking milk at night?" speech that apparently everyone else did.


On another note, I'm now an Indian giver. And its about as awesome as I expected.

I have the personal screename of some chick who interviewed me this last week. I didn't get an offer from them...so I kinda want to IM her. Also she was pretty hot. Maybe the reason I didn't get an offer is because she could read minds.

Everyone be safe and have fun in Dallas...

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