2 for 1

The Astros won Game 1. I am probably going to catch some flak for this...but I'd rather see the Houston Astros win a World Series than see UT beat OU and win a national championship. Go ahead and act shocked and outraged.

Rave about my last blog:
SenorBob82: i just wrote a sick blog entry
SenorBob82: probably the greatest blog ever
SenorBob82: i'm being serious
SenorBob82: even colin powell would love it
SenorBob82: i reread it and i cried because i couldn't believe i created something so beautiful

Please don't mix fax machines and water.

I am going to invent a backpack that you can masterbate in.

By the way Dell is a bunch of idiots. They made me sit an hour an a half when I interviewed with them. Then when 'Mike' finally came down he was wearing a bass shirt and sandals. By bass shirt I mean a shirt with a portrait of a lake with a bass jumping out of the water. Apparently it was Casual Friday at Dell. Gaysquad 3000.

Mike asked me 3 dopey questions that I could of answered in my sleep. Then he smiles and says "Okay...this is my FUN question...are you ready for my FUN question?"

Yes Mike. I'm ready. Gaywad.

"Okay...Imagine you are the HR Director, and you have to hire someone new...and how you decide to hire someone is by the shirt they are wearing....which shirt do you pick?"

Gaaaaaaaysquaaaaaaaaaaad 909090. Are you kidding me? Are you freaking freaking kidding me? The bass shirt, Mike. The freaking bass shirt.

What was awesome was without hesitation, as if I had heard this question a 1000 times, I answered "Well Mike...I bought a shirt for $1.99 at Savers a few months ago. It's a bright blue shirt with big letters that read "Refuse To Lose". That is the shirt I would pick, Mike."

Mike had never heard that answer before. His bass wiggled as he laughed.

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