My moustache is thick, like the tail of a mouse. Do you like to edit HTML? If you do, then you are unhuman. What's a robot? I went downtown tonite. I only saw 6 people I knew. Everyone else was not as smart as me. What did you get on your SAT's, I asked a red haired bloack in the corner. "800", he said. I slapped him like a little bitch and then took off the shirt of his girlfriend. I have GOT to know what you got on your SATs. My friends saw a cop taser some dude. I cannot believe I missed it. Tasers do not work on me because drink so much calcium.

Are you reading this? Why? I came up with a sitcom today. It's about a home shopping network show. There are 2 main characters. One is Todd. He wears a lot of corny sweaters and LOVES his job. He is very odd and loves to be on camera. The other is Eric. He used to play in the NFL, and has to take a job as a salesman on the home shopping network because he is out of money. He thinks the whole thing is corny and basically hates what he's doing.

Bascially the show is better than Sex and the City (SATC). But what isn't? I could videotape myself peeing in the sink and it would be better than SATC. By the way, www.iwentdowntowntonite.com.

You really can't out-do me. I'm self-sufficient!!!!!!!!!!!

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P.S. I'm going to have to brush my teeth soon, even though I'm comfortable and don't want to get up.


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