The Love of my Life

I have decided that I am going to spend the rest of my life with Katie Holmes. She doesn't know it yet - but we are soul mates. I mean, she's from Ohio. I have been to Ohio like 11 times. She's in movies. I LOVE movies. I watch them all the time. She has brown hair. I have always had brown hair! Are you kidding me with how many similarities we have? It's fate that we make beautiful babies together.

Here's what we will do on our first date:

-Jump on trampoline + drink fine wines (to break the ice)
-Dinner on 4th
-Canoeing on Lake Travis
-Desert over candlight

The winner of Stratego decided where we have our first make out session. If I win, we head back to the trampoline. Making out with Katie Holmes and jumping on a trampoline? Are you kidding me? Now that's heaven.