On Friday I had a 12-hour interview with Synergy Advertising. I was told in my 1st interview that I would "spend a few hours shadowing a Synergy rep." What I wasn't told is that I would be in for a day of absolute hell. I showed up for my 11am interview and the next thing I know I'm in a Round Rock neighborhood going door-to-door selling coupons for Rockin' Tomato Pizzaria. We must have knocked on 300 doors. At 4pm we had lunch at KFC where I could hear a cricket in the kitchen. I had to pay for my meal. After 4 more hours of selling, we finally headed back. At 11:00 pm I was still with these guys listening to techno music in their crummy office building. The managers were trying to convince me that I needed to start on Monday. I told them no. They acted disappointed. The whole experience was whack. It turned out to be a pyramid scheme. I did learn a few things though:
  • I'm incredibly intellegent.
  • People are generally good.
  • I see through all BS.
  • The corporate world isn't run by money. It's run by sales.
  • Everyone has a story.
  • Walking 6 miles in business shoes isn't cool.

The Synergy pyramid scheme was a lot better than the Juice of Life pyramid, though. Hahaha. Freaking Juice of Life. Freaking brown liquid in a 40 oz. glass bottle. Freaking label with pixelized palm trees.


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