4:08 pm

I found out I'm really good at SNES Mariokart. I could be Top 100 in the world if I put in some effort. I'm only like Top 150 now.

I cleaned out my closet today. No, I'm not gay and I didn't realize I disliked my mother or anything like that. I physically cleaned my closet. I found some neat stuff, like a creative journal from my sophomore year. In the journal there was a dialogue between 2 people, who were falling from a cliff. It read as follows:

M.O. Left: 'It's possible I'm on fire. Check me.'
M.O. Right: 'Youre checked out, and, no longer on fire.'
M.O. Left: 'I continue to fall.'
M.O. Right: 'I continue to fall as well. Bend. Bend!'

Then I wrote something about Pirate Alligators. I also drew a money horse that was shaded in with a #2 pencil.

I've got another job interview tommorow. I hope it's not gay. It's outside sales. That means I'll be fighting every minute of every day. "Who do I need to talk to about including your business in our publication?" "Oh, you're not interested? May I ask why not?" It's almost a curse that I'm good at sales. Actually no...I'm looking forward to it. Sales gives you a thick skin. And I could use a year of that. And a year of salary. I was also encouraged to hear Jim Rome once did outside sales. Got to start somewhere.

I wish pennies didn't exist. I have hundreds of them. I hate when I see one on the floor of my room and I have to pick it up. I think I'm going to send them to Somolian kids in Somolia.

It's 4:08 pm. Where is Tony Eusebio?

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